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Feagans Jewelers, Inc.

Located in Charles Town, West Virginia. Feagan’s has a rich history in the area and has been around for over 50 years. 

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About Us

     Feagans’ Jewelry was founded in 1953 in historic Charles Town, WV.  Our owner, Mr. Feagans, started the business in the back of a grocery store on Liberty St., fixing watches.  Over time, we acquired our own building, and have been located on W. Washington St. for decades.  A family run business, Feagans’ Jewelry has had multiple generations of the Feagans family behind the counter.  We pride ourselves in serving our community and have relationships with families that have been customers for many years.  Each transaction is a building block for the relationships we forge with our customers.  We grew up in this community and strive to humbly serve our family and friends in the area.  At Feagans, you are treated like family!

Our In House Promise

Feagans’ Jewelry is a premier, high-end jewelry store serving the Eastern panhandle of WV and the surrounding areas.  We offer a wide range of items, including engagement rings, gold chains, birthstones, and watches, as well as more unique items like clocks.  Our jewelry-making process from start to finish is meticulous.  We do not cut corners.  We strive to make all our jewelry last for a lifetime.

Repairs & More

We also do repairs in-house.  At Feagans, we sell and refurbish products that we have created.  We have intimate knowledge of how each piece was made and handle each piece with intense care.  Not to mention, we also do repairs on jewelry that was bought from an outside vendor.  We will take on projects that many jewelry repair shops won’t, including fixing silver and gold pieces of jewelry.  Stop by today to start your jewelry-buying experience!